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About The Compass

The Compass podcast documents the lives of artists navigating the waters between art and commerce. What do they do when they feel themselves going to the dark side? How do they find balance when they are creating beautiful things, but not necessarily making their entire living from their art (acting, dance, etc). A space for those conversations with peers about living a creative life. Hosted by actress Leah Walsh.

Leah at The Compass Live 2017


  • Inspiring and challenging all at once. This podcast will pull you out of your creative hole and get you excited about your craft!

     -iTunes Listener
  • The Compass is the perfect reminder that, artists, we are part of a large community. We all have something to learn from each other, and The Compass makes it possible!

    -iTunes Listener
  • I live by this podcast, and anyone with artistic ventures will find the weekly installments as joyful and supportive as I do.

    -iTunes Listener
  • This podcast is soul giving. It’s quite frank— a breath of fresh air, honestly, and is like grabbing coffee with a wise old friend. Leah is a wonderfully kind and generous host, and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who may call themselves an artist (in whatever capacity).

    -Alex Raby
  • When I moved to Los Angeles I yearned for an artistic community to meet creative people to talk about exactly what The Compass offers - the life and struggles of the artist. An actor and educator myself, I have found Leah’s interviews across all art forms with artists of various backgrounds to be insightful and rewarding.

    Craig Brauner
  • The Compass gives incredible insight on what it means to be an artist. Each guest and Leah give invaluable advice on how to fuel your creative spirit and create your own agency in this difficult career path. I feel so inspired by each episode and think every creative person can get something out of this podcast.

    Leya Van Doren

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